What we do:

Journeys is a Peace IV funded programme that works with young people from diverse communities, who are disadvantaged, excluded or marginalised, have deep social and emotional needs and are at risk of becoming involved in antisocial, violent or dissident activity. This programme is aimed at young people who are not in any form of education, training or employment at present. The aim of the programme is to bring about positive change in the form of clear, meaningful and sustainable outcomes for the young people who participate. This is done in the following ways:

  • Supporting young people with their personal development to help them move towards employment.
  • Group work with fun activities.
  • Supporting young people in the development of their soft skills.
  • Encourage young people to participate in their community
  • Promote cross-border relations
  • Facilitating QQI courses
  • Opportunities to attend taster courses and workshops
  • Assisting with gaining driving license theory


The Programme runs for 6 months and in this time the young people will complete a needs-led, outcome focussed programme, which will centre around Good Relations, Personal Development and Citizenship.

  • Good Relations content will contribute to lower levels of community division, sectarianism and racism by raising the young person’s understanding of respect and diversity, raising awareness their own identity and respect for people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Personal Development content will help the young person to develop their social and emotional ‘soft skills’. Examples of this would be their planning and problem solving, how to work effectively with others, along with leadership skills. We will also focus on their own well-being throughout.
  • Citizenship content will develop the capacity of participants to make a positive contribution towards their participation in their families, communities and society. We would hope to assist them to engage with useful services and get them partaking in volunteering.

Age Group: 

The Journeys Programme is aimed at young people within the age bracket of 16-24 years living in Co. Monaghan & Co. Cavan.

How it works:

Once referred to Journeys, workers will meet with the young person on a one-to-one basis and help them create an individual development plan which they will work towards throughout the year. There is also a group work aspect to the programme which allows the young person the opportunity to meet new friends, volunteer in the community and gain QQI accreditation. This program is young person centred and together the worker and young person will design a programme based on their needs to encourage them to engage. Workshops are also held to assist young people, should they be interested, in receiving first aid training, safe pass or helping them to gain their driving license etc.

How can you get involved?

For more information about the Journeys Programme or to get involved contact:

  • Lisa Atkinson – 087 7109249
  • Susuana Komolafe – 087 3397767